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February 22, 2024
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Business: As a photojournalist at Margaret Waage Photography, I use visual storytelling as an important communication tool. It informs viewers about the subject, be it a person, nonprofit, or business. Everyone has something to say, a story to tell, or a goal they’re passionate about. I use the tools of photography, video, and graphics to communicate what makes you passionate and the “why” behind your passion.

About Margaret: My husband and I relocated to Marietta, GA from Connecticut after our son graduated college and moved out. We’re both native New Yorkers and raised our child in Connecticut. We like the moderate temperature here, with lots to do in the metro Atlanta area. I earned a Master of Science degree from Quinnipiac University in Interactive Media. I enjoy capturing the beauty of life through my lens and pursuing curiosity and anything creative.

I’ve worked in communications (publishing) my entire career and am grateful to use my skills in writing, visual storytelling, and content production professionally.

Photography allows me to “focus” on the assignment (subject) at hand and convey the story about issues, products, and goals of the subject. The goal of my photojournalism is to tell a story to inform, engage, highlight, and inspire audiences about the triumphs and challenges we all face.

Nonprofits I’ve worked professionally and personally through volunteerism include Habitat for Humanity, AARP, Alliance for Community Media, Teótl Foundation, LiveSafe Resources, Help-Portrait, Sprout NOLA, Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation, Fair Haven Health Community, CT, South Carolina Press Association, Cherokee County Senior Services, Circle of Friends: Living with Purpose, Mothers for Justice, Christian Community Action, and visiting volunteer at The Summit at Plantsville. I currently volunteer as an assistant editor on the monthly Cobb Photographic Society newsletter.

Ideal Customer: Nonprofits, and small business owners who are seeking social media content or story coverage.

Good Referral Partner Introductions: Business consultants and web designers.

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