Andrea Labouchere

February 24, 2024
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Business: I am a realtor – I know, you probably know 900 of us! So, what sets me apart? Well, I can say that I genuinely like people – all types of people. I’ve helped strangers off the internet to buy their first home all the way to my best friend buy a home. I always answer my phone and my communication skills are one of my strongest gifts. I work on a team which means that with me you also get a team with experience and bandwidth. I take the time to network so that I can meet the BEST local people and businesses. This matters because people in my world have learned that I am a connector and they reach out to me for all kinds of referrals so who I put my name behind matters. I know that real estate found me as a career as selling and buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. God gifted me with a personality that stays pretty even-keeled most of the time. I bring peace, rationality and often humor to situations. You won’t find drama around me. Trust me, THIS MATTERS. 🙂

About Andrea: I am an Atlanta native who left for about 18 years and came to my senses and came back. I actually live in the house I grew up in! I play soccer and coach soccer. I was a HS English teacher for ten years. I have 3 kids who are super active and keep us busy. My daughter is a diver, a gymnast, a cheerleader, and a tumbler. My boys play soccer and basketball and want to play football and lacrosse. They all attend Westminster and this is also where my husband works and coaches middle school lacrosse. My husband and I are both Clemson graduates – go Tigers! I absolutely LOVE living in Smyrna/Vinings and am passionate about showing others just how amazing this community is.

Ideal Customer: Honestly, if you like me and feel like someone in your world would also like me, I would love to be introduced to them. Take the word customer out of it. I’m here for the relationships. I know people often have many choices when it comes to realtors and all I’m asking is to be a choice as well if they’re open to getting to know me.

Good Referral Partner Introductions: A good referral partner could be a divorce attorney as well as any parents whose kids are in their early/mid 20’s who may be looking to buy their first home. As a former teacher, I have a soft spot in my heart for this age group and would love to be a resource to them as they navigate the possibilities of home ownership.

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  • I am a serial networker so have connections for all sorts of things especially in regards to things that may be needed for your home.