womens investment community

Learn to invest with us! We are starting a community to learn how to invest in the stock market. Whether you are interested in long-term for retirement or short-term returns, let’s talk about the different strategies, learn how to read charts, and analyze “expert” recommendations.

How it Works

We will primarily be focused on using the platform at Fidelity Investments and will be watching their webinars for education. However, you are welcome to use the platform of your choice.

We will start by having a discussion twice a month and will grow and expand to meet the community’s needs as they evolve.

Participation is complimentary during our start-up phase and a membership fee* will apply going forward.

This is a needs-driven community. We will ask what the community wants to learn, go find a good resource, bring it to the group for viewing and discussion, and then action will be up to you!

Each participant will make their own investments with their own funding. At this time, we do not anticipate pooling funds and making group investments.

We are using a private Facebook group for virtual meetings and discussions. Click here to request to join the group.

*Startup phase is approximately 4-6 months, through Spring/Summer 2024. Membership fee is likely to be $25-$50/mo.

Upcoming Events

The Story

My husband has always been a “saver” and before going into software sales worked for Fidelity Investments. He’s a long-time investor and writes options to create income (very different from day trading). While I learned a lot from listening to him, for years I thought, “It’s so complicated. I could never do that.” Until I began thinking about what I would do if something happened to him. Did I want to be dependent on someone else to make decisions for our investment portfolio? No! I mean, I’m always open to advice from trusted sources and for me, life is a continual learning journey. However, I want to understand the stock market on a deeper level so I know what questions to ask and am better able to make informed decisions. The best way to learn is to do – so I’m on this learning journey. I invite you to join me because learning is better and more fun in community!