Jeanne Harrison

April 19, 2023
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Easy & Healthy Meal Solutions

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Business: I help people make food prep and cooking for their family: Fun, Fast, Easy, and Healthy.

About Jeanne: I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. My husband Steve and I were married in 1981. We have a son Eric and a daughter-in-law Lora.

I love spending time in my new kitchen cooking and baking. It is my happy place. I am passionate about staying healthy and eating well. I had a medical scare in 2017. I needed to change my ways. I became an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef. This has allowed me to have access to many wonderful tools and resources to help me on my journey to wellness. I retired in 2018 from 34 years of teaching Special Education. Retiring allowed me to have time to cook, bake, and work out to improve my health. I am happy to say my health is much improved. My doctors are pleased with my transformation.

Being an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef has provided me with many cooking, baking, and entertaining tools that have helped me on my journey. I would love to share my knowledge and tools to help others provide quality healthy meals for their families. Pampered Chef has many tools that make cooking and baking quick and easy. Fast food, but not the Fast food you are thinking of. We have many recipes and resources to help you stay healthy and eat well. Pampered Chef provides quality and innovative items to make cooking easier, quicker, and more fun. I would like to introduce you to our wonderful line of products and help you achieve your goals.

Ideal Customer: Someone looking to have more fun preparing food for their family. Someone looking to prepare meals that are fast, easy, and healthy. Someone who might need direction on how to make meals meet specific dietary needs. Someone interested in including family members in meal preparation.